College Based Seed Fund Accelerators

by TheMike on April 22, 2010

In an effort to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem, a number of colleges and universities in the Northeast have started there own Seed Fund Accelerators.  In recent weeks, I have run across  programs put in place by Penn State (State College, PA),  Rochester Institute of Technology and Oberlin College.  Over the next couple of weeks I will attempt to compile a list of the programs and attempt to do a little compare and contrasting.

  • Jason Evanish


    There are quite a few programs promoting entrepreneurship in the area. Check out a list of over 20 of them on Greenhorn Connect:


  • mikepk

    Thanks Jason! I'll pass along the link to Mike W. I think having two 'mikes' writing for this blog may get confusing at some point. :)

  • themikewalsh

    The Greenhorn list is a good start for New England.

    Over the years (since 1990) there have been numerous attempts by Colleges and Universities in conjunction with State and Local groups to set up up entrepreneurial zones or centers. Some even used the term “incubators” until that became a dirty word circa 2001 with the internet crash.

    Yale had one in New Haven, Dartmouth in Hanover, University of Maine in Portland, on and on. I have to go back and see how active these programs still are.

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